A Benedictine monastery of the 6th century finely restored in hotel. The monks’ cells become rooms and the old refectory, a restaurant. Welcome where the past of the ancient stones dialogues with the modern face of hospitality.


Exclusivity and Reserve.

Twenty-five beds between single and double rooms and one suite. Two restaurant rooms, a roof garden, a stone courtyard with a wood-burning oven and a conference room. The conversion of a historic building into a more modern one as an authentic place of hospitality and location for events, ceremonies, festivals and congresses, was born thanks to a tourism project of the Cooperativa Sociale Diaconia, the managing of the Diocese of Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino. Inside it you can feel an atmosphere of exclusivity and privacy and every breath you take, is a breath of History.

Ceremonies and Events

A Unique Location

The ideal place to celebrate and remember, to have fun and taste special food. Weddings, ceremonies, corporate events. A large garden, the charming cloister, cozy rooms and a high quality cuisine. Stories. People. Emotions. This and much more is the Sant'Erasmo Monastery.

Monastero di Sant'Erasmo Veroli - Bookings Award 2018

Fifteen Centuries

of History.

The Rooms

One thousand and a goodnight

Enjoy your rest away from everyday life, surrounded by the warmth of a return to the past. Centuries of history cross each other between the ancient stone walls and the beautiful wooden ceilings. The atmosphere you breathe in every room is of a refined essentiality, to still enjoy the spiritual value that the Benedictine monks sought in the sixth century.

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